FireShark Customs was founded in 2017 on the idea of bringing awesome custom art to the rather plain and repetitive world of lighters. Since opening we have sold over 15,000 custom lighters and lighter cases to thousands of customers in every state across America and delivered thousands of lighter cases to many different countries around the world. Today we offer a great selection of unique lighters, lighter cases, and grinders with many more items to come to our ever-growing collection.


We work hard to make sure our products are of the highest quality available. Our lighter making process has undergone many changes since beginning and we are always seeking to improve. 

  • We use full-size lighters and wrap them 360° with images printed on premium vinyl, for sharp quality, and vibrant colors. Then we seal them in a PVC laminate to complete the most comfortable, durable, and presentable custom lighters available. Each lighter is rated for up to 3000 lights and lasts 2 times longer than other full-size lighters.

  • For our lighter cases, we start with a tough metal casing. We do the same image wrapping and laminating process as our lighters that makes all of your images pop and shine with color. Our lighter cases firmly grip any plain lighter and turn them into truly unique pieces.

  • Our large 2.5″ grinders are cropped and topped with images using our high-quality printing process. We seal all grinders with a 3mm clear resin coat that enhances color contrast and image clarity.

We hope you can try us out and continue to support us. Bulk and repeat orders help keep us in business. We believe our products are both great to use and awesome to gift – get yours today!